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Established in the vibrant cricketing landscape of the 1930s, Crewe Vagrants Cricket stands as a testament to the rich history and enduring spirit of the game. Born as a team without a home, we embarked on a journey of friendly away matches that shaped our identity and inspired the very essence of our name.

Nestled within the heart of Crewe, our club found its permanent home at the Vagrants' site in the 1940s, witnessing a transformation from a humble meadow to the pinnacle of sporting excellence we proudly boast today. Over the years, we've not only created a haven for cricket enthusiasts but have also expanded our horizons to encompass Crewe Vagrants Squash and Hockey, fostering a diverse sporting community.

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“In 1976, Crewe Vagrants Cricket Club merged with Crewe LMR Cricket Club, a founding member of the North Staffs South Cheshire League, when they had to leave their ground in Earle Street. Our cricket team has since had success including winning the Cheshire Cup, Midland Bank Sunday League and the Crewe and District Midweek League and in 2023, being promoted as champions of division 4 of the North Staffs South Cheshire League.

Our commitment extends beyond the boundary ropes – our youth development program has nurtured talents like John Morris, who went on to represent England, Derbyshire and Durham and George Harding who also played for Durham. The club’s Focus Club status underscores our dedication to shaping the future of cricket through the introduction and development of young talents, contributing to the success of players, not just locally, but at regional and national levels. Our junior teams play in the South Cheshire Junior Cricket League at U9, U11, U13 and U15 level.”

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Join us at Crewe Vagrants Cricket, where every match is a celebration of cricketing passion, camaraderie, and the pursuit of excellence. Whether you're a seasoned player, a budding talent, or a passionate supporter, our doors are wide open, and the cricketing adventure awaits you!

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